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Project Description

Easily access your documents stored in SalesForce. This program provides an easy way to view, print and copy files stored in SalesForce.
Browse attachments and documents stored in SalesForce. Attachments are organized under their Accounts, Campaigns, Contacts, Contracts, Cases, Opportunities, Products and Solutions in SalesForce. Documents are organized according to the SaleForce DocumentFolders.


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Main Browser Screen


Logging In

Enter your SalesForce username, token value and password into the login screen and click Login. If you do not have a token value, you must request one through SalesForce.

If you do not want to re-enter your username and token value every time you use the program, they may be saved by accessing the File|Options menu item and entering them. The password is not saved and must be re-entered every time you use the program.

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